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For a checking account, the account is managed by a bank on behalf of the client. Cheapest branch banks – Last year and in recent months, news about fee increases at branch banks such as Bank and Vibank continued to accumulate. Because customers with a bank package have a significantly better interest rate on their savings account. Together more than a bank! As a cooperative bank, we belong to you, our members.

Current account – the best conditions

Current account - the best conditions

With us you will find the cheapest running bank account – fast and easy. In the selection windows, choose for which account type the cost adjustment should be created. How often you use your user account and how many times you have overdrawn. With just a few mouse clicks you get an individual current account ranking for your country!

Cost savings

Cost savings

The current account comparison gives you the opportunity to choose an account according to your wishes. This ensures the greatest possible clarity and the security of having the right account for you in our comparison. Today, without a current account, it is hardly possible to participate in the business. It is the basis for the payment, because cash payments are becoming increasingly rare: rental payments, salary income, citizen’s money, social assistance, shopping in the market or paying at the pump – almost every payment can be processed cashless through a current account.

But since the administration was expensive and attacks on workers were not uncommon, the payment processing has prevailed through a customer account. Current account – it can! Account holders get a giro card – the former debit card, with which they can dispose of their bank account. It is recognized as a payment method almost worldwide and billed only once a month on the current account.

The one who proves a regular receipt of money, usually gets an overdraft on his current account. If the current account slips into negative, the banks calculate an interest rate, also current interest rate or current interest rate “or”. Note: The bank can reduce or cancel the credit line. Youth accounts are usually managed free of charge, while adults often claim a monthly fee for their current account.

If your own bank is expensive, a call can result in reduced costs for you – if the bank is not cooperative, switching to a cheaper provider is not a big deal. Online banking can be a good option, as online banks often have better conditions. A comparison is worthwhile. If you are looking for the best current account, it is advisable to make an online comparison with a counterparty.

If several people should have access to the current account, it should be managed as a shared account. In this case, the entitled persons can only join together. Note: If you regularly have credit on your account, you should transfer it by bank transfer or by mouse click to a call money account. They are managed exclusively on a credit basis and also enable daily accessibility – but not through a giro card.

Nowadays, everyone can have a current account that can prove their worth from the age and is contractable, that is over 18 years old. For this purpose, the personal data must be communicated and checked by the bank with an identity card. The verification of personal data and the forwarding of the application to the online bank. With the written consent of the parent or guardian, young people can also have a user account.

They are managed on a credit-only basis and are typically used for responsible money transactions. Opening an account is a simple formality. If you would like to set up a bank account at an online bank, you must print the application for the account opening on the start page and submit it to the post office.

So compare offer, find the best electricity account, pay and go. If you are dissatisfied with the terms and conditions of the current account, you can cancel at any time. A current account is indispensable today for participation in the payment process. Account holders should therefore set up another with appropriate terms and services before liquidating a current account.

After setting up a new checking account, it is necessary to inform all payment partners about the new account details. At best, the debtor will keep the existing and the new current bank account for up to three months at the same time. In addition, it is useful to enter the new account information so that the bank can pay any balance.

Account holders must not overlook the fact that a resolution can only take place if the current account is not loaded with an overdraft facility.

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