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You can use the loan calculator to see how the loan amount, term, and interest rate affect the amount of a loan installment. From the variety of input options you can see that there is no indication of loans that are actually offered in your bank. Good Bank and consumer credit – that fits together. Good Bank offers its customers more financial flexibility for all types of purchases. Similar are the parameters that can be varied, loan amount, maturity, interest rate.

Housing finance

Housing finance

All credit costs, incidental acquisition costs and any subsidies are included. With our real estate search we support you in the search for an object. In the apartment search you will find objects of all kinds: property, rental and condominiums. You can also buy real estate for sale. You want to calculate the market value of your property by means of a valuation report?

Whether residential or apartment, whether renting or real estate – every year we help many thousands of people to their lifelong dream. We are happy to assist you with suitable debt capital. For example, if we think that a borrowed amount will overwhelm you. This ensures your financial security even if you are unemployed, incapacitated for work, illnesses or accidents.

The Good Bank

The Astro Bank

The comfort loan from Good Bank is available for all financing needs. The loan can be repaid in three to seven years, allowing for special reimbursements free of charge. The interest rate is variable and depends both on the duration and the amount of the loan.

For questions or further information you can contact us by phone or e-mail. The personal contact person is also available at the branches of Good Bank and the savings banks.

Ratings of Good Bank For USD 10,000, you can expect the following conditions

At Good Bank, borrowers can also hedge a consumer loan with a variable interest rate. These are the provisions of the so-called “Comfort Loan with Rate Protection”. Borrowers with a contract period of 60 days can receive a “sKomfort loan with installment protection” from Good Bank. The prerequisites for a “comfort credit with installment protection” of Good Bank in a sum of USD 10,000:

The nominal interest rate is 5.75 percentage points per year. The effective interest rate for a loan term of 60 months is 10.4% per annum. The processing fee for a “sKomfort loan with installment protection” at Good Bank amounts to USD 200. In the event of early repayment of the loan, no processing fee will be refunded on a per cent basis. Good Bank’s “comfort credit with instalment protection” does not incur any costs for automatic interest rate adjustment.

Only the effective interest rate determines the total cost of a loan.

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