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We are at Christmas, a time to celebrate, to give as gifts, to go on a “spree” with friends, to give to the family, relax and go on vacation.

Although it is an ideal month, the expenses we incur always tend to be exceeded and after December comes a month of January almost in broken banking, with credit cards to the limit, without a saved euro and worse , with many payments to be made.

How can we enjoy the Christmas holidays, without going bankrupt?

How can we enjoy the Christmas holidays, without going bankrupt?

Here are some recommendations:

Recycle . No need to buy Christmas ornaments or interior decoration for our home again. Let’s make the decoration an inspiring and creative act, where with the same materials, we innovate and create that cozy Christmas atmosphere.

Make a plan for gifts . The list of people to whom we would like to give is usually larger than the list of all those to whom we really want to give. Feel honestly and make the real list of your Christmas gifts. It will surely be less than I initially imagined.

Make a budget . Not everything we want can be bought. Therefore, it is essential to know who and what we want to give and if we have enough and available money to acquire what we want. Let us then make a budget of how much money we have to spend, a budget that is most adjusted to our reality so that we do not fall into excesses that can then weigh us.

Do not be afraid to look for the best offers 

Do not be afraid to look for the best offers 

Offers for this time are abundant and many times there are discounts on all items available for sale. Take the time to inquire, to see, to ask here and there. Also if the items you are looking for are for sale online, do not keep a single site.

You will surely find the item you are looking for at a better price or you may find a much more beautiful and representative one at a lower price. The search should be based on “the three bs”, which is good, beautiful and cheap.

For Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners

For Christmas Eve and New Year

Do not buy cooked food . Part of the Christmas rituals is family sharing. In this sense, it will always come at a lower cost to buy the ingredients directly for the preparation of the menu at home than to buy everything made. In this way, not only does the whole family share and participate in a dinner as important as dinner preparation for both Christmas Eve and the end of the year, but it saves good money.

Enjoy the dates with knowledge, without thinking that the last day of the year will be the last of our lives . All of December 31, has a January 1 ahead, which is equivalent to saying that after the month of December the month of January inevitably comes. Then enjoy, share with family and friends, feel these dates without the dawn meaning a real torture just because you exceeded expenses and you have no way to respond to the obligations of the following month.

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