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As an independent insurance broker & credit intermediary, I am not obliged to a bank or insurance company – you are my customer and customer in Upper Austria. I am looking for an investor for a beauty restaurant in a shopping street, Vienna. As a civil servant with a large federal agency, I have a permanent [… The new thing, however, is how the procedure has changed. This offer is free and without obligation!

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The principle is quite simple: Apply today for a loan application in which you enter the desired loan amount and the purpose of use. After you have logged in and entered some personal information, only a few steps are needed until you have your loan approval. You can choose between 1,000 and 50,000 USD as a loan amount – the terms can be between 12 and 60 months.

In the individual object description, a place is offered here to convince private investors of a financing request. Only with the payment incurred charges – in this case, a one-time fee of 2.9% is withheld by the borrower.

When personal loans pay off

When personal loans pay off

Internet platforms bring together borrowers and lenders. The “Lizzy88” needs exactly 4050 USD. For other individuals who want to take out a loan – at a rate of 10.55 percentage points. “Crowndlending” or “P2P lending” is the type of lending through specialized trading platforms such as: For example, AdMoney and Creditend.

The value of Agfa alone is currently almost USD 61 million. The principle is simple: anyone looking for a loan will present their intention and determine the amount, the duration and the desired interest. If the number of investors is sufficient, the loan agreement will be concluded. Can you compare loan offers? Unlike the company Eicredit, the company has since 2011, in addition to “Creditend” also a bank comparison available.

“The client gets an individual market overview from previously checked offers. What is the maximum amount of the loan? The borrowers can take up to 20,000 USD with us. The loan amount is to be paid 2.95% in the form of a commission, which is credited to the monthly installments. In addition, the house bank charges a monthly processing fee of USD 2.50 and USD 17.50 per year for extracts.

The donors pay 1.00% of the investment (at least 1.00 USD) for the processing. The maximum limit for “Creditend” is 50,000 USD. Depending on terms, the commissions range from 2.5 to 3.0 percentage points of the loan amount. You pay 1,35% of the investment sum once and another 0,50 USD per month as processing fee. What prices and dangers exist for the lenders?

Taking into account all the expenses incurred, the current yield is between 5 and 7%, while the average yield is 4.5%. How do the stages reduce the risk of default? To minimize the default rate and keep the credit risk manageable for the investor, the platforms check the borrowers and prove their creditworthiness, which is determined by credit bureau entries, monitored identity and other certifications.

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